Thursday, September 23, 2010

Greatest Highs

Greatest hits album by Kottonmouth Kings. I discovered this hip hop group few days ago and I'm just blown away. Group was officially formed in 1994 but released their debut album not until the summer of 1998. They gain their mainstream success with their third album High Society in 2000. Greatest Highs includes songs from 1998 to 2007. Band describes themselves as ''psychedelic hip-hop punk rock'' and that's just what they are. Basically their songs are about Smoking Weed, at the same time they're proud and ashmed of it. This album is the best of Kottonmouth Kings but some songs really should not be on this album. Although Greatest Highs may seem like a party album, it's also full of pain and confusion. Keeping it real simple and that's what I like about them.


  1. first commenter, fuck yeah..
    rep on your opening.
    and maybe will listen to a single

  2. kottonmouth kings have some great songs.

    most of their songs suck though